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Kathmandu,Cimex Inc. Pvt. Ltd., the authorized distributor of BYD Auto Industry Co. Ltd. in Nepal, is thrilled to announce its renewed collaboration with Lalitpur City Football Club (LCFC) as the Mobility Partner for the upcoming second season of Nepal Super League (NSL). This partnership underscores the shared commitment of Cimex Inc. and BYD towards fostering innovation, sustainability, and diversity.


As one of the nine franchise football teams in the NSL, Lalitpur City Football Club will proudly represent the vibrant city of Lalitpur from Province 3 in the highly anticipated league, set to kick off on November 24th, 2023.


The collaborative agreement aims to explore and implement initiatives in the realms of future mobility, sustainability, and diversity. Cimex Inc. and BYD believe that sports, can serve as a powerful medium to contribute to long-term sustainability goals. The BYD logo will prominently feature on Lalitpur City Football Club’s jerseys, symbolizing the synergy between automotive innovation and athletic prowess.


This isn’t the first time BYD has joined forces with LCFC. In the inaugural NSL season in 2021, LCFC finished an impressive 3rd in the table and secured a spot in the playoffs. The continued collaboration for NSL Season 2 reflects the success and shared vision of all parties involved.


“We are excited to renew our partnership with Lalitpur City Football Club for the second season of the Nepal Super League. Through this collaboration, we aim to showcase the intersection of sports and sustainability, highlighting how innovation in mobility can positively impact our communities,” said Mr. Sahil Shrestha, CEO at Cimex Inc. Pvt. Ltd.


Lalitpur City Football Club is equally enthusiastic about the partnership. “We are proud to have BYD as our Mobility Partner for the upcoming NSL season. This collaboration goes beyond the football field, emphasizing our joint commitment to building a sustainable and diverse future,” said Mr. Alok Jung Joshi, Managing Director at Lalitpur City Football Club.



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