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The word “Fitkauli” means the laughter. Fitkauli is an online comedy magazine of Nepal. It is the collection of Nepali satire, daily updated humorous content of famous comedians. It has a great team of comedians inside and outside the country. It has comic material, poems, satire, parody, jokes and contemporary cartoons.

It has a lot of categories such as poem corner, poet hut, garrulous, cartoon, laughter room, laughter seminar, fitkauli talk, geriatric literature and others. It speaks on many subjects and topics such as corruption, immorality, wickedness in this country. It believes in throwing the inconsistent garbage from people and society.

The aim of fitkauli is to build a society by overcoming the inconsistent environment. From the very beginning, people believe the language of swearing and slander is not a bullet of satire. However it changes the belief and now people love Fitkauli very much. So that, we are continuing the upcoming journey of Fitkauli.

It establishes as an online magazine of Nepali satire. It has a daily collection of satirical creations, poems, ghazals, satires and parodies. It has a huge gallery in the forms of text, pdf, cartoon pictures, audios and videos.

It starts with the magazine earlier. Now, public can read all online. There is no bar for any kinds of commercial subscription nor any charges. People can easily get their desired documents and some relevant articles from it. It has a well-organized team of advisors, editors, writers, technicians, managers and state representatives.